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Petyr; young Petyr
Posted on 01.01.2012 at 00:00

Petyr; young Petyr


Posted on 22.11.2009 at 18:59
Growing StrongCollapse )

Petyr; young Petyr

Anime LJ TCG [mastered decks T to Z]

Posted on 15.01.2009 at 23:24
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card post | cards for trade
mastered decks: A to I | H to N | O to S | T to Z
logs: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | level badges

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
God (September 14, 2007)

Mascot (October 5, 2007)

Novel (October 7, 2007)

Critic (October 27, 2007)

Esper (February 7, 2008)

Parapara (October 11, 2007)

Desho (September 24, 2008)

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Leap (September 24, 2008)

Future (November 24, 2008)

Ball (January 15, 2009)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Enigma (March 2, 2008)

Ginryuu (March 5, 2008)

Hime (March 6, 2008)

Hero (April 22, 2008)

Victorian Romance Emma
Maid (February 9, 2008)

Witch (June 28, 2007)

Bad (April 7, 2009)

Cold (June 22, 2008)

Call (September 24, 2008)

Earth (January 15, 2009)

Yumemi (January 15, 2009)

Zero no Tsukaima
Bitter (June 8, 2009)

Rune (June 8, 2009)

Petyr; young Petyr

Anime LJ TCG [2009 log]

Posted on 14.01.2009 at 18:34
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card post | cards for trade
mastered decks A to I | mastered decks H to N | mastered decks O to Z
2007 log | 2008 log | 2009 log | level badges

January 1
Traded armor07, scales07, gray08, raw13, nebula02 for river08, rune10, tristan07, viceroy14, masks08 with death_the_kid.
Traded mayo11, hood02 for eat06, lax14 with kittycatmew.
Traded chakra19, okami20, sand02, sheep17, soccer05, meta12 for ball09, cheagle01, gitane06, resolve12, clow-windy with lucathia_rykatu.
Traded agent10, eight12, cook10, crash20, kronos02, kronos17, kronos20, pal10, run19, gray08, south18, prim18 for bitter03, despair09, marks02, rune03, 42-7cups, 31-10wands, 6-lovers, clow-libra with sparkism.
Traded raise16 for orange04 with skittlestemple.
Traded lyre06, lyre09, lyre10 for bad09, resolve10, resolve16 with nyarmar.
Traded neptune07, windom13, windom14, chibi06, doctor02, doctor16 for abroad17, kyudo20, prince04, rebel09, xiii15, son01 with princess_saix.
Traded chakra19, range03 for bitter13, despair13 with lcpdragonslayer.
Traded smoke01, smoke12 for yumemi02 with stopping.

January 6
Got weapon19, despair20, nihao11 and a bronze for leveling up to 24.
Got clow-snow, senpai17, vino15 from Anime Trivia Round 61.
Got oha19, hohe20, crow20, job03 and a bronze from Seiyuu Guess round 52.
Got charity08, masks03, demon17 and a bronze from Guess the Mangaka Round 34.
Got selece20, prophet20, mentor14, perfect13, bitter07, yamato09 and a silver from Eye Spy 73 and 74.
Got xiii20, smile02, eat02 from Happy Birthday 78.
Got choke18, lively20, glory05 from Happy Birthday 79.
Got ball14, send14, sica03 and a bronze from BBS 36.
Got cheagle15, fear19, fuku02, fuku09 from Card Graveyard.
Got absurd20, angel10, angel16, holie14, prince08, rookie02, sharp17, steal05, tail09, weapon14 from elaby.
Traded obsession05 for freeze14, sharp17 with playingmyrole.
Traded curry05, haze09, nun16 for lax02, mordred09, throne09 with duo_aurion.
Traded lonely15, rats18 for amnesia01, subtle16 with zellie_kinneas.
Traded arcus06, chor13, chor16, score20 for ball15, kyoto19, lady02, lady08 with spiralheaven.
Traded shout13, shout14, shout20 for ball01, ball10, shop17 with evilbo.
Traded bar06, send07, send16, ears06, mushi03, mushi12, mushi16, south18, south19, fake16, boku01 for boy11, gitane05, lady19, rune11, son09, throne14, tall06, throne19, viceroy18, nineteen05 with 0x.
Got perfect06, archer06, noble05 and a bronze from Scavenger Hunt Round 51.
Traded archer18, flirt19, hymn05, zaft03 for rune04, rune13, nineteen06 with hoshikata.
Traded go17, wired05 for clow-create with xx_frenzy.
Traded boxes13, talk09, talk10 for ball06, 65-2pentacles with playingmyrole.

January 14
Traded choke18 for slob02 with kittycatmew.
Traded vino15 for clow-light with stopping.
Traded angel10, angel16, formal01 for yumemi15, 36-acecups with chibiyaoichan.
Traded beat13 for bad04 with haruhara.
Traded bone10, fedora12, jail02, repeat07 for boy16, earth16 and 28-7wands with amewarashi.
Traded water15, fox09, shin04, destroy11, opera19, proxy01, scythe13, ice17, wander04, dark14, body18, glory05, mellow18, net18, storm09, monkey14, hack01, cover01, amber12, prim07 for slack02, slay16, nihao05, game13, nun08, red12, guilt20, cards15, kronos11, saber16, laputa07, heaven12, key18, mizu07, coin03, breed13, caeli15, uu15, wired12, scales06 with chibiyaoichan for BLIND TRADE PARTY OF DOOM!!!
Traded archer05, jail14, jail18 for subtle05, 69-6pentacles with chrysa.
Traded inu06 for son16 with thisisarisa.
Traded repeat11, sharp17 for ditz17, lax17 with ayasaki.
Traded ice02, ice09 for 29-8wands with chibiyaoichan.
Got 5 usercards, debut06, genso06, kyokai06, rail06, salvere06, clean06, nori06, actor06, names06, demon06, master06 from Christmas update.
Got merlin01, pro08, debut11, chores09, oha18, ball19, skip12, xiii16 from Scrambler 40.
Got crush11, brazo13 from Freebie 38.
Got a bronze from Pick a Card 65.
Traded angra13, police10 for clow-illusion in Card Pot 41&42.
Got suomi06, achtung20, river14, skirt08 from Guess the Anime 71.
Got spica15, steppe03 and a bronze from Distorted! 52.
Got cygnus05, prince13, ardent06 from Anime Trivia Round 62.
Got star06, jail12, lens08, earth02 from Pick a Card 64.
Got shy20, drop11, boxes06, manga12 from Happy Birthday 81.
Got angra12, duchy13, lax19 and a bronze from Spot the Difference 48.
Got 25-4wands, royal14 from Guess the Character 74.

January 15
Traded ardent06 for throne02 with haruhara.
Got impulse20, rune01, hiken08 and a bronze for reaching level 25.
Traded 35 bronzes for shop03, shop05, shop09, shop12, shop14, river02, river06, river09, river12, river18, ball03, ball11, ball13, ball16, rebel08, rebel10, rebel11, earth08, earth09, earth12, earth14, yumemi19, xiii07, xiii08, xiii10, xiii11, xiii17, eat01, eat05, eat10, eat11, eat18, boy02, boy04, boy09.

January 25
Traded junk01 for debut10 with relaxsama.
Traded fang12, coin03 for clow-shot with the_betrayer.
Traded coin01 for orange02 with qc_heartless.
Traded skirt08, protect07, protect12 for cheagle05, extra01, ditz18.
Traded euri13, sica03 for cheagle03, cheagle06 with ayasaki.
Traded debug20 for abroad04 with fluffyferret.
Traded ice19, formal13 for 44-9cups with chibiyaoichan.
Traded bunny10 for ditz12 with thisisarisa.
Got work14, class32 and a silver from Guess the OP round 37.
Got ditz10, fatale19, viceroy03 from Anime Trivia Round 63.
Got bolero03, kohai13, senior16, mayo07 from Scrambler 41.
Got yamato13, nabe20, kami15 and a bronze from BBS Round 37.
Got clow-wave, clow-watery, clow-voice, clow-twin, absurd17, shield12, selene01, orb17, lax20, engage16, mist08, extra11, bad07, beat12, marks14, rune15, album04, pleiades03, debt10, illegal16, dv13, short20 and a bronze for mastering Shop, River, Ball, Rebel, Earth, Yumemi, XIII, Eat, Boy.
Got oha01, otaku11, sharp03, sharp05, bure01, bure02, bure03, bure04, bure05 from Card Graveyard.

February 24
Got wheel06, orb11, halt08 from Anime Trivia Round 64.
Got bitter01, switch08, puns09 from Happy Birthday 83.
Got net02, asset03, cello06 from Anime Trivia Round 65.
Got lax10, shinso07 and a bronze from Distorted! Round 54.
Got bald17, unit18, cosmo16, dymlos02 from Guess the Anime round 75.
Got deep16, exile06 and a bronze from Guess the OP round 38.
Traded manga12 for pleiades09 with chibiyaoichan.
Traded butler06, drop11, ghost09, ghost20 for sharp01, ditz04, prophet07, act09 with harumonic.
Traded bk20108 for otaku08 with qc_heartless.
Got prince16, master16, jack10, magus12 from Scavenger Hunt 63.
Got genso04, sadist16, stone04, speed18 and a bronze from Spot the Difference 49.
Got bitter10, demon18, correct03, seven05, gossip07, rank08, zwei11, debut10, term19 from Scrambler 42.
Got marks09, nebula04, son15 from Anime Trivia Round 66.
Got bad02, bad03, bad05, bad06 from Card Graveyard.
Got nabe10, secure05, scales20 and a bronze from Spot the Difference 50.
Got chuken12 from Broken Deck Game.
Traded shy20, pirate05 for bitter11, marks11 with haruhara.
Traded dv09, dv13, dv15, dv20, reality07, reality20 for cheagle08, cheagle09, cheagle11, cheagle17, names05, bitter04 with freaked.
Traded bk20116, shine14, engage16, eternal10 for 9-hermit, clow-mirror with the_betrayer.
Traded snipe12, snipe20, curry12 for mordred01, kyoto01, viceroy01 with sinnespiel.
Traded senior16 for rune02 with death_the_kid.
Got nori12, holie15, perky06, carve01, kyudo08, ryuu04, throne16, iron16 from Scrambler 43.
Got bear13, protect18 from Freebie 39.
Got 71-8pentacles from Freebie 40.
Got actions02, hymn07, go20, prophet12 and a silver from Guess the Mangaka Round 37.
Got nori11, coup16, sekiria12 from Anime Trivia Round 67.
Got denno07, split13, rail11 and a silver from Seiyuu Guess 51.
Got bad07, bad11, bad12, bad14 from Card Graveyard.
Got nineteen07, havoc05 from Guess the Character 78.
Got chase02, menos18, artemis03 from Guess the Character 79.
Got clean20, bad18, nqm12 from Happy Birthday 86.
Got jump02, rail17 and a bronze from Spot the Difference.
Traded grin10 for throne06 with rokeru.

April 7
Got wings05 from Deck Repairs 03.
Got garan07, fiancee19 and a bronze from Eye Spy 81.
Got clover14, snipe05, melissa05, cocoa15, fear12, angel12, nabe04, origin18, wander05, admin19, bolt14 from Seiyuu Guess round 59 & Guess the Anime round 78.
Got genso01, bass11, wings02 from Pick a Card 71.
Got mordred15, nurse14, short15 and a bronze from Guess the Mecha 4.
Got son03, white13, genso14, wrench03, sanc18, isolate16, finance11, ego11, weapon20 from Scrambler 44.
Got suppi04, grin06, lax05, elf18, clean17, artemis01 and a bronze from Guess the OP round 39.
Traded menos18 for actor09 with kasijjille.
Got chakra18, gitane18, hohe11 from Scavenger Hunt 65.
Got salvage05, metal16 and a bronze from Distorted! Round 55.
Got bitter14, artemis03 and a bronze from Distorted! Round 59.
Got clean01, perky05, act04, cicada04, ditz13 and a bronze from Guess the Character 81.
Got master12, wolf09, shout16 from Happy Birthday 87.
Got gitane13, shenju14, prophet13 from Happy Birthday 89.
Got nori20, prank06 and a bronze from Eye Spy 82.
Got juken12, viceroy06, nun01, cleaver02 from Seiyuu Guess round 62.
Got enigma17 from Deck Repairs 05.
Got orange20, b17, ronin08, desu01 from Guess the Anime round 81.
Got manga02, prince06, origin10 from Scavenger Hunt round 66.
Got act01, bad15, bad16, bad17 from Card Graveyard.
Got perfect13, resolve04, stiff04 from Guess the Game 79.
Got violin13, savior15, neko12, job09 from Seiyuu Guess Round 60.
Got clover17, archer19 and a bronze from Guess the OP round 41.
Got orb07, fin17, lax12, adonis18 and a silver from Distorted! Round 60, 61, 62.
Got fang13, crush11, actor20 and a bronze from Anime Trivia Round 60.
Got white19, strip06, yuki03 from Happy Birthday 90.
Got spirit02, marks13, shiro18 from Happy Birthday 91.
Got selene11, hymn13 and a bronze from Spot the Difference.
Got rosary13, silver12, bear05, protect08 and a bronze from Spot the Difference 56 & 57.
Got fedora01, ants03 and a bronze from Spot the Difference 58.
Got hell12, clover08 and a bronze from BBS 38.
Got virgo07, prophet11, go19, act16 from Seiyuu Guess round 63.
Got prince18, score13, jijo18 from Scavenger Hunt round 67.
Got stalk03, nipa05, obey07 and a bronze from Anime Trivia Round 68.
Got bomb10, height01 and a bronze from Distorted! Round 57.
Got wild12, fuku05 from Guess the Character 84.
Got garan04, demon04 and a bronze from Eye Spy 86.
Got diva10, shout02, admin05, jackal14, viceroy19 for being a smartass.
Traded military12, military15, ice15 for 5 tickets in Lucky Lotto Round 1.
Got ring10, short06, prodigy07, silky18, slack19, music20 and a silver from Pick a Card Round 74.
Got a bronze from Pick a Card 75.
Got lax09, royal01 and a bronze from Guess the OP round 42.
Got hack17, bitter19, tristan14 and a bronze from Guess the Mascot 43.

May 24
Got coin05, space12, bitter17, shinso20, corpse19, toushi08, wand03, tall16, sturm12, black08, oberon06, hohe16, meta13, venus06, kabuki20, blood08, armor17, miasma07, tabi03, act19, prophet04, melissa06, throne07, chic05, archer07, b18, okami07, nipa19, clow-loop, muse18, boast15, facade02, knight09, cicada07, marks16, scarf15, debut02, yaro03, nabe10, vayu11, auriga13, snipe17, larvae09, mordred02, deaf02, geta18, zombie01, garan18, sleep05 from commenting on masteries.
Got wings03, lazy11, selene17, hornet12, fang17, job05, heika14, adonis18 from Scrambler 45.
Got snipe07, wander08, date05, cleaver01, abroad08, vector08 from Scrambler 46.
Got orb12, dame15, dense03 from Matching 44.
Got aloof01, yoma16, white01 from Matching 44.
Got clever17, amnesia03 from Freebie 41.
Got america01, france01, italy01, japan01, russia01, tree01, design01, facade01, lolita01, model01, general01, means01 from Update.
Got hohe13, heal12, origin13 and lax04 for Birthday.
Got abroad13, luberia20 from Lucky Lotto Round 1.
Got switch12, ardent04, wrench08, manga04 and a gold from Pick a Card 76.
Got small11, theEND08 from Freebie 42.
Got prophet05, acedia20 from Freebie 43.
Got truant02, mentor02 from Freebie 44.
Got neptune16, find11 from Freebie 45.
Got break12, nipa06, fatale19, general11, orange15, nineteen10 from Scrambler 47.
Got crimson13, act17, father16 from Guess the Character 86.
Got finance06, fist20, haze10 from Guess the Mangaka Round 41.
Got sign10, net06, tree17 from Seiyuu Guess round 67.
Got a bronze from Pick a Card 77.
Traded kohai13 for throne05 with meganekkos.
Traded dymlos02 for rune05 with golden_bastet.
Traded user cards with 0x.
Traded mist08, mist11, mist13, select06 for prophet03, hiken06, ira05, stalk09 with megchan87.
Traded ideals10, kami15, kami17, rosary13 for 62-queenswords, scar14, unyuu12 with qwertysaur.
Got ghost10, garan01 from Analogies 1.
Got design15, haori10, bugs19 from Happy Birthday 93.
Got burn09, craft11, oto16 from Anime Trivia Round 77.
Got boast06, morgan06, urchin04 from Guess the Game 86.
Got vague10, butler15 and a bronze from BBS 41.
Got barrel13, scarf09 and a bronze from Guess the OP round 43.
Got a bronze from Pick a Card 81.
Got act06, act07, act08, act11, act13, act20, rent05, nineteen01 from May Card Graveyard.
Traded license16, license18 for resolve11, resolve14 with 00zags.
Traded a user card for actor02, actor07, prophet01 with chibiyaoichan.

May 25
Got weird01, debut05, secret15 and a bronze from guess the Mecha 10.
Got zaft09, ears20, human19, rank03, protect12, snow10, switch11, lens18, speak11 from Scrambler 48.
Got orange19, fedora19, b06, nun04, crest15, pure15, major01, replica06, achtung16 from Scrambler 49.
Got mist16, resolve13 from Freebie 46.
Got medusa18, scales02, link19 from Pick a Card 78.
Got dna08, master19, knit18 from Pick a Card 80.
Got despair19, sweep07, royal09 from Guess the Character 90.
Got nii08, excel13, kido07 from Scavenger Hunt round 72.
Got meta09, colt04, xp01, exia02 and a star from Seiyuu Guess round 71.
Got stone08, stalk02, rikka17, oil16 from Guess the Anime round 90.
Got choice01, news12 from Analogies 4.
Got friend12, rave06, bone01 from Credit 4.
Got memphis05, vice08, nyoro18 and lax06 for tsunderes' birthday.
Got euri01, improve10, fall07 from Scavenger Hunt round 74.
Got cicada10, fang04, rent04, england20, cleaver19, facade20, act14, yoko02 from Scrambler 50.
Got shout10 from Matching 49.
Traded ghost10 for nipa03 with gravity_xx.
Traded laputa07, mine01, yuki03 for america17, salvere07, mail02 with qwertysaur.
Traded bolt14, wheel06 for a gold cert with 00zags.
Traded deaf02, fedora01, yoma16 for nipa16, nipa13, throne13 with chianna.
Traded perky06 for tristan17 with cloudxsora.
Traded tori10, corpse19, cosmo16, cosmo18, nebula02 for 46-pagecups, melissa10, hohe01 with kuzco.
Traded heika14 for germany05 with saruzake.
Traded mute09, mute18 for 40-5cups with indirect.

Petyr; young Petyr


Posted on 04.01.2009 at 17:38
The list.Collapse )

Petyr; young Petyr

Anime LJ TCG [mastered decks H to N]

Posted on 24.09.2008 at 21:36
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card post | cards for trade
mastered decks: A to I | H to N | O to S | T to Z
logs: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | level badges

Heaven (October 17, 2007)

Wind (November 15, 2007)

Rebirth (January 6, 2008)

Hanyou (January 21, 2008)

Soul (January 21, 2008)

Fox (February 6, 2008)

Lech (July 29, 2008)

Taijiya (November 24, 2008)

Fukai (December 19, 2007)

Every (February 7, 2008)

Will (March 3, 2008)

Dearest (June 6)

Lady Oscar
Boy (January 15, 2009)

Lupin III
Marks (June 9, 2009)

Blast (July 29, 2008)

Hachi (July 29, 2008)

Nana (November 24, 2008)

Ramen (September 8, 2007)

Tactic (June 6, 2008)

Copy (June 22, 2008)

Sand (June 22, 2008)

Jerk (November 24, 2008)

Lax (June 9, 2009)

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Lilith (July 6, 2007)

Beer (October 5, 2007)

2nd (February 6, 2008)

3rd (February 6, 2008)

Petyr; young Petyr

Anime LJ TCG [cards for trade]

Posted on 16.07.2008 at 20:30
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Please don't take images from this post. If you're interested, consider joining anime_lj_tcg :)
For all your trading needs, join anime_tcg_trade!

I had to split my post because it is too large for LJ, click the links below to see my main card post, with tarot cards, decks I'm collecting and future decks.
Comments are disabled, please post all trade offers on my main card post.

card post | cards for trade
mastered decks: A to I | H to N | O to S | T to Z
logs: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | level badges

Stuff you ought to know if you want to trade.
User cards. I'd rather trade them with my friends first, but feel free to offer a member card trade :)
Tarot deck. I'm now trading for all tarot cards. I'm also trading them out, but please offer cards from current or future decks.
Current Deck. Not for trade. At all. SIMPLE, HUH? xD
Future decks. More decks I'm collecting, in sort of priority order, from the one I want most to the one I want least. Please note that I'm lunatic moody indecisive, so my priorities change very often. As a guideline, I will trade a deck that's higher up for a deck that's lower down the list, unless I've got 10 cards from a deck, at which point I stop trading out cards.
For trade. I don't want those cards, take them away from me! I'm trading for any deck in my current/future decks list, or for choice card certificates. If you really want a card, but you don't have anything I'm interested in, just offer me a random card. Really, I'm not picky. I just want them to go :)

For trade
Special cards (4) (worth double)

Normal cards (642)

Pending/holding (0)

June 9
Got amber12, yakou06, hiken20, admire12, nihao20, tori06 and a bronze from Guess the Anime 79.
Got nabe07, lies11, neptune10 from Spot the Difference.
Got precise01, real04, close06 and a bronze from Spot the Difference.
Got magic03, account13 from Analogies 5.
Got nineteen03, nineteen08, fourth14, absurd12, master02, illegal05, father17, legend19, cheagle02, shell20, calm13, ego01, okami15, maiden09, kyokai08, cleaver18, triple07, strings14, 4 bronzes and 8 stars for leveling up to 26, 27, 28, 29.
Traded fedora19, zen08, zen14 for otaku04, kyoto12, tristan19 with electrumicity.
Traded date05, sadist16, secret15 for tristan08, viceroy10, cleaver07 with sinnesspiel.
Traded teach11 for names11 in Card Pot.
Traded coin05 for kyoto02 with stopping.
Traded debut10, masks03 for kyokai01, ditz09 with kasijjille.
Traded in 22 bronzes for lax13, lax15, lax16, prince03, prince09, prince12, prince14, prince15, prince19, marks06, marks07, marks15, marks17, bitter03, bitter05, bitter12, bitter18, rune06, rune12, rune16, rune18, rune19.
Got otaku03, net16, clown13, model20, russia02, strip13 and a bronze from Scenic Route 6.
Got height07, tall09 and a bronze from BBS 43.
Got mongrel11, craft19, life16 from Anime Trivia Round82.
Got prophet14, elite07, hohe19, kyrios17, storm11, fight14 from Scavenger Hunt round 76.
Got flush12, fuse11, bombay07 and a bronze from Anime Trivia Round 73.
Got orange07, akuma14, genso16 and a bronze from Scavenger Hunt round 75.
Got tongari07, human02 and a bronze from Eye Spy 93.
Traded legend19, triple07 for salvere10, salvere19 with chianna.
Traded sign10 for crimson04 with stopping.

Comments are disabled, please post all trade offers on my main card post.

Petyr; young Petyr

(mostly) Disney icons, again

Posted on 16.04.2008 at 20:59
4x Snow White
4x Pooh
7x Cinderella
14x Beauty and the Beast
14x other misc Disney movies (mostly villains and scenery)
2x One Piece


More than usual this time, I should post them more often.Collapse )

Petyr; young Petyr

A bunch more Disney icons

Posted on 26.03.2008 at 14:59
5x Lion King
2x Snow White
6x Beauty and the Beast
5x Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
4x Percy (Pocahontas)
2x Alice in Wonderland
5x Sleeping Beauty
1x Peter Pan


They were done for 8 different contests, I know it's silly to list all of the subjects separately. Sorry.Collapse )

...I realize just now that I've been using the same two fonts over and over again. Ah well, but they're pretty.
And I set up a separate post for awards so I won't brag about them in my posts xD;

Petyr; young Petyr


Posted on 26.03.2008 at 14:51
Awards from icon contests and stuff under the cut.Collapse )

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